Human Rights

July-December 2011

2012-05-01 23:03:21


According to the Human Rights organizations the human rights crisis in Iran deepened in 2011. According to Human Watch "the last year (2009) for which figures are available, authorities executed 388 prisoners, more than any other nation except China. Iranian human rights defenders believe that many more executions, especially of individuals convicted of drug trafficking, are taking place in Iran's prisons today."

This policy of oppression continued in 2010 and 2011 as a result of which, a considerable number of people fled Iran to seek safety outside Iran. In fact, in 2011, the security forces had continued their policy of detainment of political activists, as a result of which hundreds, including lawyers, national minority activists, journalists, civil society activists, and opposition leaders, remain in detention without charge. In addition, they used torture and inhuman treatments to coerce confessions in order to pass their unlawful verdicts. According to our records in 2011, 736 Kurdish nationals were arrested by the Iranian security forces. In adddition, in 2011, 113 Kurdish nationals lost their lives: 111 were shot dead, 4 were executed in prison, 1 dead under torture, and 7 were killed while in custody or in prison under unknown circumstances.


July - December 2011