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Ongoing Systematic Violations of Human Rights in Iranian Kurdistan (Volume5)

2012-05-01 22:24:27


Kurdistan and Kurd News: Human Rights

Abuses intensified in Iranian Kurdistan

According to a report the Islamic republic security forces and authorities have

carried out human rights abuses including indiscriminate and disproportionate

attacks, attacks on civilians in Kurdistan during the past three months. This

report that prepared by ‘Kurdistan and Kurd News’ states the Islamic regime

and its security forces have continued to trample on the basic rights of

individuals in Iranian Kurdistan and carried out human rights abuses including

disproportionate attacks on civilians, abductions and hostage-taking, and

unlawful killings. According to the report in the past three months the Islamic

republic of Iran increased the atmosphere of terror and instability in the Iranian

Kurdistan and committed a range of unlawful and brutal treatment of the

Kurdish citizens. It stated that in the past three month 21 Kurdish national been

killed by the Islamic security forces of 15 were resident border areas, and

further 9 seriously injured. The report detailed the many human rights abuses by

the Islamic regime authorities including confiscating properties and

merchandises of 500 Kurdish trades in the border areas.

The report also bring to the attention that following the execution of four

Kurdish activists in May 2010, 29 Kurdish students from Tehran University

have been detained. The majority of the Kurdish detainees have been subjected

to torture and there is a fear that they will be convicted in unfair trials like

Farzad Kamangar, Shirin Alam-houli and other political and civil activists

before them.

In the end the report listed the names and further details of the recent victims of

human rights abuses in Kurdistan as:

Ongoing Systematic Violations of Human Rights in Iranian Kurdistan (Volume5)