By boycotting the election display your national stance

2012-04-29 23:16:40



27 Feb 2012


A Joint declaration of four Eastern Kurdistan’s parties and organisations

The people of Kurdistan!

The Iranian officials has set the 2nd of March for the so- called election date in the circumstance that this show will be received very poorly in Kurdistan and throughout Iran.
The unpleasant experience that Iranian people’s have from the previous elections, in particular the tenth presidential election with the leader and the revolutionary guard had confiscated people’s votes and pulled Ahmadinejad out of the ballot boxes, has stepped up people’s distrust towards the regime, more especially the authorities in charge of administrating the elections. On the other hand, during the process of considering the eligibility the candidates, the approved list was so small that many of the regime’s previous men could not survive and announced disqualified for standing for an election.
The absence of a democratic and free election criterion in the election process, the people's lack of trust towards to the outcome elections and the fact that the parliament and any other elected body cannot act outside the will of Khamenei and other imposed institutions, has already made the prospect of this election gloomy.
These facts have fortunately resulted in a total boycott of the ninth parliamentary election amongst the Eastern Kurdistan’s political parties and organizations. In Iran as whole this election has also been widely boycotted by the opposition and the reformist trends. A boycott is a suitable and clear answer to a regime that despite the continuation of suppression and dictatorship, violation and denial of the rights of the ethnic minorities, stifling the voice of the human rights activists, supporting terrorism and pursuing the nuclear weapon program, strives to get the people to the ballot boxes. Khamenei repeatedly talks of the “epic participation” and the necessity of people’s massive participation in the election and wants to use this as a token for the regime’s legitimacy in facing the embargo and international pressure. That is why the regime aims to set into motion a mass for the election through intensifying the competition amongst different fundamentalist groups using promises, intimidations and other means.
Freedom loving people of Kurdistan!
The Iranian regime that has been facing the strongest discontent and aversion inside Iran on the international level, because of ignoring the international conventions and resolutions regarding the nuclear proliferation, human rights and supporting terrorist and extremist groups, is facing an unprecedented pressure. In such circumstances, you who in every possible occasion have said “No” to the regime, once again use this opportunity to express your national and revolutionary stance against the regime. As an answer to your righteous demand for unity amongst your political parties, we have united our stance and voice. This time we ask you unanimously by boycotting the so called election on March 2nd, clearer than ever show your national and libratory position against the regime.
We call upon all classes and social strata of Eastern Kurdistan, especially the intellectuals, youth, women, political activists, clergymen, civil society and other community activists, that from now and until the election day, through social networks and in any other possible ways, work intensively for boycotting the election. In order to get the best reflection of the boycott of the election in Kurdistan, we ask you to stay at home on March 2nd so the polling stations, streets and public places get deserted and only the oppressor forces and Islamic republic agents are seen there. At the same time we ask you to observe the actions and the movements of the regime forces in order to react to any plot.

Kurdistan Freedom Party
Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran
Organization of Iranian Kurdistan Struggle