The Press Release of the Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan Parties

2018-03-07 23:50:09

 We Condemn the terrorist actions of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Eastern Kurdistan Forces 

As it is stated in the announcement of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Qader Qaderi, a cadre of the KDP, has been assassinated on Tuesday night, March 6th, 2018, in Hartele Village of Rania district.

Previously, on Friday March 2, 2018 two cadres of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan in Erbil fell victim of the terror bombing that unfortunately one of them, Sabah Rahmani, after severe wound passed away.

There were, previously, several terrors attempt against the Eastern Kurdistan Political forces by the Islamic Republic, including attempts against Khabat Organisation of the Iranian Kurdistan, Komala Party of Kurdistan and Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan. All these attempts have been defused, however, there was the terrorist act of Yalda night at headquarter of the KDP which unfortunately claimed seven martyrs.  

We, the political Parties of Eastern Kurdistan, hold the Islamic Republic of Iran and its’ hirelings as perpetrators of this assassination, because apart from the Islamic Republic of Iran we do not consider any party as our enemy. Especially the terror apparatus of Islamic Republic has substantial terror records against cadres, members and Peshmerga of the Kurdish oppositional parties.  Both in the terror campaign of 1990s by Iranian regime’s mercenaries in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as in its assassination operation against Iranian personalities abroad, we have lost hundreds Kurdish combatants.  Later in Mykonos Terror Dossier the German court announced the Islamic Republic of Iran and its top officials are behind these assassinations and crime.

We, the Iranian Kurdistan Political Parties, in both the joint all Kurdish parties’ meeting, as well as in the condemnation of the terrorist crime of Yalda night, have stressed our deep concerns that the KRG is about once again become a centre of terror campaign against the Eastern Kurdistan protestor forces. Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that our deep concerns were not senseless.

We, once again, strongly condemned the terrorist acts of the Islamic Republic of Iran against the Iranian Kurdish activists, particularly the recent ones, the assassinations of Sabah Rahmani and Qader Qaderi, and announced that it is the responsibility of the Kurdistan Regional Government to stop the terror menace and campaign of the IRI against the Eastern political forces in the Kurdistan region. At the same time, with a strong conviction of the plausibility of the Kurdish nation struggle in Iran for its civil and national rights, we stressed that threat, intimidation, and terror shall not discourage us from our efforts and just struggle.


The Cooperation Centre of Iranian Kurdistan Parties


Kurdistan Democratic Party

Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan

Komala Party of Kurdistan

Komala Pary of Iranian Kurdistan

Khabat Organization of the Iranian Kurdistan